The Nigerian Mirror Project

The Nigerian Mirror project aims to provide a local mirror of popular opensource projects in Nigeria. Our aim is to provide very fast, low-latency access to commonly used opensource software projects.

Bandwidth is costly

Access to bandwidth in Nigeria is expensive compared to most parts of the world and a major contributing factor is the high cost of internation transit. This is effectively due to the fact that most of the content consumed by Nigerian netizens is generated outside the country making all bandwidth access essentially international. If we generally require 1Tbps of bandwidth, over 95% of that requirement is international transit bandwidth. Now if we could somehow get to a point where we invert the scales such that 95% of that bandwidth consumption is local, the cost of Internet access will drop significantly.

A case for low latency

Another argument for the promotion of local content is lower latency. Latency measures how quickly a response is received for the corresponding request - for instance, how long it takes a web page to load when you click on the link. The farther content is from where it is requested, the higher the latency and the worse the user experience. By bringing the content closer to the user, as we are doing in the case of the Nigerian Mirror project, the user experience is enhanced.

This is an ongoing project and one that we solicit feedback for. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch via email: admin at

Hosted projects

We are currently hosting mirrors of CentOS, Ubuntu and the Python Package Index*. You don't have to do anything to start using this mirror for the CentOS and Ubuntu disk images and packages as we are already official mirrors of these projects and as a result your requests to download packages or disk images are automatically forwarded to us.

Let us know how we can improve this guide.

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* The Python package mirror has been discontinued